Friday, October 8, 2010

Bitch I told you so!!!

Why do people have the audacity to believe you owe them a damn thing? I live and die by the motto that I will not inconvenience myself to help someone that can not show me what they have done to help themselves. I'm sorry, call it what you want but life is a pimp and I refuse to get slapped. Personally, I think being a lazy ass mother fucker is a hustle. It's a hustle to try and get as many suckers as you can to do for you. Well, I am here to say loud and proud you will not get me. Can a bitch live with me for free? Hell no!! Why should I? What fucked up decisions did you make in your grown life that put you in the position to not afford a roof over your head? How do I know you have learned from those mistakes? Case in point, this simple bitch spent most of her adult life chasing after stupid niggas. Getting pregnant for them, giving them money. Instead of focusing on bettering herself she's running in the streets after these scrubs. Not going to work when she should, not furthering her education. Making the same mistakes over and over again, gaining nothing and losing time. Here it is now, your credit is so fucked up that you couldn't even borrow water. Her car is repossessed because she didn't have the money to pay. She gets evicted from her home and now I must house her and her bad ass children. Oh Hell the fuck no I wont!!! I was the little bug in this simple bitches ear telling her she needs to get her shit together. Showing her how to be independent, guiding her in the right direction and advising her on how to make better choices. When I did these things, I was labeled as a hater. Why? I was a hater because I "was jealous of the things her nigger did for her." Ok, simpleton now this "jealous bitch" doesn't want you mooching off of her and her hard earned money. When your nigga(s) would buy you things I tried to have you understand the importance of thinking past today. Things like these are short lived and you're never promised tomorrow. Do I have "sponsors?" Damn right I do! However, the difference between me and you is that my sponsors cater to my surplus. The bible even tells you "trust no man." With or without them, I'm going to live. I am not obligated to do a mother fucking thing, you should have listened. I advise you run your happy little ass to the welfare office first thing in the morning and see what they can do for you. Ladies, I need you to place more value on advice from your friends that have their shit together. Don't let the only time you stretch your hand out for help be when you need money. Be proactive with your life!

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