Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Think I Need to be a Pimp....."Pussy Advisor"

Living in South Florida as a man must be paradise at times, especially if you have money. It is truly a melting pot of pussy down here with all of the different types of exotic women. Living so close to all of the islands has its advantages. Alot of these women who would have never had a chance in their countries to experience certain luxuries, come here and do it big with little to no education. Some of them don't even know how to speak English. South Florida is the prime location for opportunist if your holding a royal flush. I think I really need to strongly consider a change in careers and become a "female advisor." These women need to be properly schooled on how to better manage their assets and working towards an early retirement. The simple mindedness just has to stop. The biggest problem with the game right now is that these bitches can't think past today. In most jobs we have what's called a 401K. This is an opportunity for you to stash away additional money so that you have more than your Social Security to rely upon when you retire. I would bring some Corporate America rules to the game. I would have a continued education program. The more degrees you have the less percentage you have to pay me. (all for women empowerment) My bitches will have registered business names and become there own LLC. They will have business accounts as well as "gifting accounts." I will oversee there money and ensure they pay a certain percentage to a high yield savings account, CD's and small investments. One of the small investments would be a full day spa, salon and gym. Why? Men love to give women money to get dolled up. My clients wouldn't have a clue that we own the same establishment there paying to have them go to. My bitches wont be hoes, they will be fantasies. People pay more for fantasies than they do a quick fix. What upsets me the most is when I see these young girls in a perfect situation and go into it blindly with no business savvy. A girlfriend of mine use to strip in some very well know clubs in Atlanta and Miami. She was/is absolutely gorgeous and had a body to die for. Her parents are from Brazil and moved to the states when she was 13. Amanda (that's what we'll call her) was always in the presence of extremely wealthy men. However, my girl had no clue on how to work that shit to her advantage. She would have these men take her on shopping sprees ranging from $1000 to $30,000. They would fly her anywhere in the world, take her to expensive restaurants. Weekend trips on yachts; Allow her to drive their cars; allowances to get herself dolled up. Amanda was doing it big, for the moment. Like most of the women in the game, my dog couldn't think past today. When they would send her $5000 to go shopping I would tell her. "Amanda, you don't need anymore clothes. Save up this money and put a down payment on your own place." She was renting and at that time Atlanta was the it place to buy property. You could easily have a 4 bedroom house on property for under $100k. She could have bought a place cash!! I would always push for her to go back to school and finish her Nursing. She had many sponsors that would have supported her. Amanda would constantly find herself in car payments buying new Mercedes. I would tell her "Amanda, stop bringing on unnecessary expenses. Have one of these guys put a car in your name." She was seeing a gentleman at the time that had 5 cars in his driveway and gave her a key to one of them. When Amandas' birthday came around she collectively received over $75k cash money from some of the men she was seeing. Once again, living for today. She booked a seven day vacation in the Dominican Republic at a hotel that was over $4000 a night. While there she spent close to $40k on spas, shopping, and excursions. Oh, and did I mention she had 10 friends she brought with her? All expenses paid for those bitches as well. I could safely say that in the 10 years I knew Amanda, she literally had over half a millions dollars pass through her hands. So, where is Amanda today. She is 34 years old now, fell in love and had a baby for the one broke nigger she dealt with. Her supporters weren't too happy with the extra baggage, so they slowly started to back off. She didn't finish school so she was forced to stay in the stripping business to support her and her daughter. She is still renting her apartment and now drives a 2006 Honda Accord that she has a high ass interest rate on due to her repossessions, high credit card bills and fucked up credit. Coming down from the high of the lifestyle she use to live was the most difficult adjustment Amanda had to make. This could have all been avoided if she had a proper "female advisor." I can see how someone can be blinded from the glitz, glamour and bling. That is why a non bias third party should be involved to help keep things in order. I'm going to draft up a few sample business proposals. *ya'll think I'm playing*

P.S. Gay boys I'm coming for you next. Some of ya'll fucking up too.

Stay tuned.....

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