Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poetic Justice: In you I No Longer Trust

I'm in love with a lie and this I can't deny my mind is saying leave but my heart still wants to try. The love we made was great but now that loves slowly turning to hate
 I should have let you go long time ago but with this decision I chose to procrastinate.
You ask me to give you time and to be patient with your plan,
and even though I didn't understand I was supportive of my man.
My instinct never fails me I sensed your bullshit from day one
 but I was trying to be less skeptical so my doubts I blindly shun.
I will admit I wasted time and even money on this dream
but regrets I never have so I moved ahead with full steam.
 Its your loss I must say, a good woman you've thrown away
 but that's what cowards do when the bite off more than they can chew.
Its taken me some time to peel you from the insides of my mind
but I stand before you on this day and with strong conviction I can say,
I'm done, its over and goodbye.

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