Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poetic Justice: Penis Elevation

I was hearing you wanted some help with your penis elevation
so I am here to examine if its worth the invitation
not being able to release I'm sure brings you much frustration
and we all know beating your meat is just a temporary dispensation
Per her request I hope you brought your resume and portfolio
there is also a questionnaire to answer some things she wants to know
according to question 4 you stated that your max is 10 inches
and when you enter a woman's pussy it doesn't feel like tiny pinches
she will need you to provide an example to prevent misrepresentation
I know it sounds kinda crazy but its how we prevent fabrication
question 7 states you rate yourself high with cunnilingus
I will need to validate , so demonstrate with your tongue all in this
On average how long would you say that your sessions last
self control is very important it will determine if you pass
everything checks out she was impressed with your presentation
So come with me and we can begin your penis elevation

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