Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nina's Video Diary(Vlog1): Candid Chat about Sex in Nassau, Bahamas

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Kevin said...

Understand everything that was stated. Yes, you have to be honest with your partner about their performance, or lack there of. I can only speak for myself. I know I'm not walking around with a 20" dick. I got a good 9" and I'm thick as fuck but just to make sure I dont leave anyone unsatisfied, I pride myself of giving the greatest head a woman can ever get. When I'm done I know you have cum at least 3 or more times. and your gonna be out of breath. It motivates me even more to give you dick like you ain't never got before. I'm not saying size don;t matter cuz to Nina, it clearly does. I'm just saying, know how big your arsenal is and don't be afraid to pull out the big guns for battle. Just a though.

Ya boi, KB.

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