Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: 2 Good Reasons Not 2 Smoke Weed with People you Dont Know

This is why I don't smoke with people I do not know. People can't just smoke regular weed anymore they have to lace it now with all kinda shit. Poor baby.
SN: Did you see his dick from the back though? Damn!

Another GREAT reason to not smoke with people you don't know. Even the dogs knew this nigga was tripping and started biting his ass.  Google translator would be the shit if they could translate shit like this. What is he saying??? LMAO!!!!

Lesson for today: Smoke your own shit!!

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chiyneseyes said...

Wow.....LMFAO...these fools r crazy a hell and they look like they r both on PCP. For some reason wet makes you wanna take all your clothes off and act a damn fool. WTF that first video was hilarious...I almost pissed on myself from laughing so hard and the commentary of the videographer is funny as hell. LMFAO;-()

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