Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are you a Victim of Good Dickadom???!!!

 A large percentage of women are under the misguided belief that they love a man or even worse are in love with a man. The truth of the matter is most of them are under a spell called "good dickadom." Denial as to how important sex is to humankind is still very much prevalent in todays society. However, the truth of the matter is,  it's the reason most of us get out of bed and leave the house. In search and in hope of an amazing sexual experience. I can see some of you denying it but I'm telling you some real shit right here. We are driven by it and have strong emotional attachments to the euphoria we get from a great sexual experience. News flash: You are in love with how good this man can fuck you. Think about it. How many of you actually have a strong connection outside of sexual with the man you're tripping over. Doesn't that crazy "I gotta have him" feeling subside after a good fuck session? You couldn't care less what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go after your done. Its only when your really feenin for that dickadom you start to get love sick and think your heart is breaking. Don't be confused, I'm here to tell you it's not your heart, its your pussy. I've been fucking on and off this guy for years and at one point I was really considering pursuing a relationship with him.  I felt myself missing him alot and wondering what or who he was doing. I would feel a little jealous when I knew he was in a circle of women or when he would go out.  Completely oblivious to the trance he had placed on me. I was a victim of good dickadom. The one time we met up and opted to not have sex, it was crickets. We had nothing to talk about. As a matter of fact I felt awkward and just wanted to go home. There was no connection.  He will just always be my piece and I've come to terms with that. No small talk needed and no need to pretend. So how can you know when its just a dickadom crush? Spend time with him on your period. Chill with his ass the entire 5-7 days where you know you're off limits. (If your man does break red lights, pass him on girl. Not fair to keep freaks like him a secret. Selfish bitch!) If you still feel the same way, then maybe there's potential for growth. All I'm saying is this..No need to keep buggin out for every man you deal with. Consider the possibilities of the dickadom disease and take it for what it is. Trust me, it makes things less complicated and gives you back your control. Providing you an escape from the emotional rollacoaster that comes with dating.

This is Nina and I approve this message.....

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