Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nina On Relationships: Tyrese & LaLa Conversation

I was up last night watching the LaLa and Carmelo Anthony show. On this particular episode Tyrese was having brunch with her and the conversation they had rested on my mind all night and during my jog this morning. He said to her:

Personally, of all the friends I saw on the show, Tyrese gave her the best and most valuable advice that will truly help with the longevity of her marriage. I have said this before in previous post. As ladies we need to  understand that most women are sneaky, conniving, underhanded and silent haters. They may not even realize it themselves, but its our competitive nature. They want what you have whether they are willing to admit it or not. It takes age and maturity to eventually grow out of that and some of us just never get there. A wise person once told me that there should only be three people in a marriage. The husband, wife and God. When you find yourself having difficulties go to him together and ask for that strength and guidance. A single woman can not tell you how to be a good wife. Just like a garbage man can't show you how to be a doctor. People are in your lives for a reason and a season. Having friends is an amazing joy, but you must quickly identify what there reason or season is so you can dress accordingly. This will prevent you from wearing sweatpants in the summer and tank tops in the winter.

Great advise Tyrese.....

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