Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: FFON...Fucking Freak of Nature

This is just fucking sad. They look like big Vaginas. I cant believe I have a Pussy bigger than some mens penis. Sad, just sad. My girlfriend says, "oh I'm sure they will find someone to love them." Yeah, like a lesbian! Fuck that! I hope for their sake they have alot of money and believe in Jesus because those are the only two things that may bring them some salvation.


Anonymous said...

the answer to your question is HELL to fuck no. aint that much love in the world. thats why I ask on first date "let me see it" my time is limted

Anonymous said...

im like wow i didnt think that was possible. after seeing that shit im like off the cape mothaf*cka. lol but the fucked up thing is that explains why they always trying to win at something and starting wars. If my dick was that little i would want to hurt sumthin too lol

ErikQV said...

WTF, I thought I was short by only being 9". I had never thought this type of ish existed, had no idea.

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