Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Resurrection of Nina Niagra

I thought I reached my peak with the ones from my past but it came into fruition I was underestimating your ass...

 Let’s get it....

 You wanted this pussy so bad but to someone else this pussy I had.......given it too But....that didn't stop you.

See baby clearly you were aware of peaks and valleys in this pussy that were untamed, untouched and mismanaged.  I would give little samples, hiding the potential of the depths of these walls. Not letting you in because I didn't think you could win......the way to my organ broken, defeated, confused, disappointed, hopeless but you said....
"Fuck this shit."

Sitting in my dark chestnut vanity as I prepare for our evening. I'm nervous....
 Outfit laid out on the bed per your request:
  • Dreadlocks worn out
  • Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Parfum
  • Victoria Secret RED Unlined Lace Demi Bra
  • Yellow Versace couture fitted dress
  • Michael KORS Red Sexy Peep Toe Sheepskin Suede Wedge and
  •   No panties........
I oblige.

You tell me to be ready at 5:00PM sharp or there will be consequences....*smirk* .I'm tempted to rebel but I have this feeling that TONIGHT with or without me going rogue, your intentions for me have already been set into motion....

I slip into my "uniform" and proceed to get ready...curiosity burning through my chest as my imagination wonders on your playbook for the evening.
I hear a knock at my're here....looking through the peep hole I gaze at you. All white Linen holding a beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen Yellow roses, my favorite...

As I open the door the smell of your cologne intoxicates me. You’re glowing and in that o so sexy voice asks me "baby are you ready?" I pause not knowing how to answer."Am I ready?" Am I ready? Am I ready for you? Am I ready for this? It has been quite some time and despite my usual levels of confidence and control in these situations you have me weak and feeling as though I am approaching uncharted waters. I think you sense my apprehensions and immediately disarm me with that smile. That smile....o that smile.
"Yes baby I'm ready." Finally able to respond, I grab my clutch, place my flowers in some water and close the door behind me. You grab my hand as we walk to the car, telling me o so poetically how beautiful I look and how delicious I smell. Then out of the blue you ask, "baby what's your favorite number?" Favorite number? I'm confused but answer 27. You smirk then respond with mild sarcasm, "o so you're one of those?" One of  THOSE? This woman has me officially on edge. What does that mean? Do I dare ask? You look down at your watch and mutter "It's 5:15 and 27 is big number so I need to get started." Get started???!! What on earth is she talking about?

 After about a 40 minute drive we pull up to Market Street Grill in Salt Lake City, known for housing the best seafood in town. "Reservation for two in your private dining area under the name Nina Niagra please."  I immediately start blushing. "What is she up too? Reservations under the name Nina Niagra?" I can feel her gazing at me as we wait. "Didn't' expect that one did you?" she says flirtatiously.

We enter our dining area and she pulls out my chair for me. I soak in the ambiance of the room as I sit  down. The waitress comes to our table, does her introduction and then presents us with a selection of wines. I choose and watch as she pours my glass, too nervous to dare look into the eyes of my date. It would seem as though I've just met this woman but that is not the case at all. It has been a few months but tonight seems different. Tonight I feel a precipitation of purpose and intent coming from her.

After 3 glasses of wine I can finally feel my body start to relax. I look at her intently as we speak candidly about our day. Watching her facial expressions, body language and inhaling her aroma. She must have sensed my shift because without warning I feel her soft hands slowly begin caressing my thighs. I didn't expect body jolted and generated an uncontrollable moan. At that moment our eyes locked and for a brief moment we held a non verbal conversation that forced me to clench my teeth and take a deep breath. What was this woman doing to me? I felt unexpected moisture begin to build up between my legs and knew that I needed to excuse myself to the ladies room. I needed to regroup. I needed to disavow any parts that I may or may not have played in what just happened.

 Entering the ladies room, I stopped briefly at the mirror to look at the reflection of a woman I had grown accustomed to seeing, but she wasn't there. I saw a different woman. What was happening? The door opens moments later and when I turn around, it's her. "Hey, are you o.k.?" I look at her.  My body temperature is increasing, I can hear myself breathing and my legs are weak .As she moves closer towards me I respond, " yes I am fine, just needed to use the restroom." I turn away, proceed to the nearest stall and as I begin to close the door she places her hand over mine and stops me. My feeble attempts to stop her go unnoticed as she joins me, gently placing her hand on the base of neck.  Pulling me in closely, planting small butterfly kisses all over my face. I can smell her. The moisture between my legs has now started to glide down my inner thighs. I can feel myself disappearing into a place where there is no time, no gravity no consequences. Her kisses move to my neck then to my lips. She grabs my ass and firmly pulls me towards her as we passionately interlock our tongues. I can feel my body trembling and with no hesitation she enters my pussy with her slender fingers. It is an out of body experience as I feel my legs give way. She must have known because the grip of her hands on my ass tightened as she held me up. I put my arms around her neck as she slightly lifts my left leg and proceeds to methodically massage me from the inside. This feeling is amazing and so unexpected. Our bodies move in sync.   I rock my hips to the beat of her song until I start to feel the buildup of my climax approaching. I want her deeper inside of me. Turning around in the stall, I proceed to give her my back. Perfectly arched with my legs a tad wider than shoulder length and a firm grip on the wall in preparation for impact, I look back at it and say "fuck me!" She grabs my hair and bites my neck hard enough to feel soft enough to please. I release on her. As I slowly come back from "that place", like a rainbow after a storm, I look up into her eyes and gently kiss her nose.   

 We return to our table, flushed, smelling like sex. My walk is different. I feel delivered. Calling the waitress to our table I ask for two glasses of champagne. Gazing into her eyes as the waitress pours our glass I say to her,"tonight we are celebrating." "Celebrating?" she says confused. "Yes!" "What exactly are we celebrating?"  I lift up my glass in motion to toast.....

"Tonight we are celebrating the resurrection of Nina Niagra." 

She smiles, "I would like to make a toast as well."
I look at her slyly. "O really, what exactly are we toasting?" She leans over to me and in a low, seductive inviting tone says, "toast to #1 out of 27 for the be continued."

Check Please!!!!!!!!!

I'm BACK bitches!!!!

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