Monday, August 22, 2016



Check it, I met this fat ass Cubana on the block
Knew I wanted to smash that ass from the top
Problem was this young lady was technically taken
Problem for YOU I don't give a fuck cause I'm Jamaican
So let me spare you a little bit of anticipation
I'm fucking your bitch, sittin on her face and then telling the nation

You's a lame ass hoe and I don't respect you
You took love for granted and it fucking left you
Now you all up in my DM's with the bullshit
You betta ask around about me cause I aint havin it

So since now you want to try and be attentive
Acting like you really care and you really meant it

It's cool, I'm  give you want  you want and keep you well informed
While I defecate on your feelings like a diarrhea shit storm
Brace yourself cause here I go
I'm a tell you how I fucked your wife....
Nice n Slow

Ohhhhh and she loved it loved baby.....(Monica Voice)

- Nina

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