Thursday, February 17, 2011

In The News: Ghetto Moms, LiL Wayne & More......*smdh*

Ghetto News Headline of the Month:

So this crazy chick thought it would be funny to do this to her child and take a picture. When she realized she was on media takeout she goes to the police to report Media Takeout for "stealing her identity." Apparently, chica has a few warrants out for her arrest and they charged her with CHILD ENDANGERMENT. Simple bitch! What did she think? They were going to be cool with the pics and go after media takeout for publishing it?? Here is the news footage:

    Wacka Flocka Shot at....AGAIN!!!
Yeah...uhmmm so who gives a shit. But in the real news...did you know his government name is Juaquin Malphurs??!!! WTF .....He's just destined to be a retard.

Could It Be True?????!!!..
Prince FINALLY has a black girlfriend???!!

Uhmm...I guess. *shrugs*
Misty Copeland is a dancer at the American Ballet Theater in New York. She also recently joined his tour. Sounds to me miss thing is "working" her way to the top. #imnotahater

Aretha Franklin Dropped 100lbs!!!

Thank you Lord!! I was getting tired of seeing her on the stage looking like Rollie Pollie with bad weave. No matter how much you dress up a fat bitch or how much money she has or how much make- up she's wearing.She's still a fat bitch. It was just getting out of hand!!! Ya'll know I'm right...

LiL Wayne's New Boo???!!!

Nahhhhhh.....They're just smashing. Hopefully, he wrapped and strapped it becasue you KNOW dude can get a girl preganant if she just walks OVER his piss. #imjustsaying

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