Monday, February 14, 2011

Nina's Favorites & WTF's of The 2011 Grammy's

Eva La Rue...Don't know who she is                                       
but I'm loving the body and the dress.                               Faith Evans...Oldie but goodie.
                                                                                                   but...uhmmm whats going on??
 Bangs?? Really??
Lady Gaga...What a mother fucking entrance!! Is that a cocoon? One thing I can always say with Gaga is she gives you your monies worth EVERY TIME and genuinely has pure, raw talent. Love this bitch!

Jenna Ushkowitz.....Not a big fan
 of the show "Glee" but I'm loving this dress.
                                                                   Jada Pinkett-Smith...What more can I say.

Jennifer Hudson...Looking good bitch.
Glad to see your focused and maintaining              J-Lo....Flawless!! Love this look on her. that amazing body. Now if we could just
get your head size to agree with the rest
 of your body. #uknowiaintlying

Justin Bieber & his New girlfriend Selena Gomez..... Cute couple, but I'm waiting for him to start dating black girls. This little man has so much swagger, only a sistah can really appreciate. (nothing too ghetto please & thank you)

Justin Guarini.....Sheek look,                                                      
 but I'm still waiting for him to
disclose two pieces of information:
His real age & does he like girls.
                                                                                          Miss Keri Baby....Her name is Kerri and

                                                                                         she's so very fly oh my its a little bit scary.


Kim Kardashian....To date: The smartest and baddest whore in the industry. Hats off to this bitch! That pussy helped to build her own empire. Take notes you simple bitches, this is how you do it.
Mario Lopez.....Does he EVER age? Damn! He'll be "38" this year and doesn't look a day older than 24. (that's even if his bday is real. you know these celebs like to shave off years)
Maya.....Hey hoe where you been? 
Love the dress though..
                  Monica....Very elegant! Looking good my sistah.
 We can all see how much you have matured.
 But I still like to know you ready to cut a bitch
if needs be. #realtalk

Musiq Soulchild....Slow down fat boy!!

Nicki Minaj...A blend of Lil Kim and Lady Gaga. What can I say....make your paper boo boo.

Ricky Martin....????????

Snookie...I need this sloppy looking bitch to get it together. All that money your making and you STILL can't get rid of that pot belly?? You look pregnant! Just stop....

Tyrese & Lil Wayne.....One I would fuck but never be seen with in public, the other I would never stop fucking therefore having no need to even go out in public. I'll let you figure that one out. #riddlemethatbatman

My #1 Favorite Outfit of the evening:

Rihanna....You worked that shit honey!!

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