Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scorpio & Sagittarius WARNING: A Match Made at Hells Carnival.

Ok, I really think 2010 was so not the year for me in reference to relationships. Both friendly and intimate. Every "potential" that I have met has been a Scorpio. I am grateful for one thing, and that is there amazing ability to sexually please. However, outside of the bedroom I want to kill them. I am a Sagittarius to the core, minus a few things. My astrological advisor warns me everyday to stay away from Scorpios if at all possible. She says that our relationships very rarely have any form of longevity and holds a very low success rate. In all fairness, these men find me I don't go looking for them. It takes certain strong qualities to get my attention and it seems the Scorpions know how to intrigue me. Problem is, they can never keep me. Or they do just the right things to chase me away. Truly water and fire signs with obvious results. The first Scorpion is an oldie but goodie. We have known each other for almost a decade and have never been anything other than fuck buddies. He's a very smart guy, career driven and super attractive. The first day we met we had sex. He was not afraid of the pussy and I loved it. Sex was intense and raunchy. He wasted no time and dove in like a pro. His cock was a nice length and he had the stamina of a Latin soccer player. Amazing, mind blowing, marathon length sex. The weirdest thing would happen though when we were done; I just wanted to leave, or I wanted him to leave. No hard feelings, I just didn't have any desire to have him around if we weren't engaging in sex. I don't know if the feelings were mutual or he was just rolling with the program, but its been this way for a decade. Another Scorpio that stuck out was a man that I damn near married. I was really into this one and we had a decent connection going on. This situation ended up being a long distance relationship. (something I wouldn't recommend to an enemy) Sex life when active, was off the chain! We would literally lock ourselves in a room and have sex the entire day, for a few days at a time. One day we counted 17 condoms in the garbage! #allinadayswork. Our relationship began to deteriorate once we no longer had an active sexual life due to the distance. An average 4 day trip to see each other would cost a minimum of $700. We were forced to find other things about each other that we could use to hold on to the relationship and keep the fire going. Clearly, there was nothing more he could offer me worth hanging on to if he couldnt fuck me on the regula. When I reminisce on that relationship, in hindsight I should have known it wouldn't last. It was based on an intense sexual connection with two very competitive and strong minded people. One thing I've noticed with Scorpios is that they can dish it but they cant take it. They will hold you to that hurt feeling for life. Ive never been one to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I prefer to feel out a situation and see how much the other person has emotionally invested. If I don't get the vibe I am looking for I very rarely will put my neck out. I don't usually leave or completely back off, I just keep things light and remain non-chalant until I get the signals I need to reassure I wont have to deal with rejection. Yeah I said it!! I'm woman enough to admit it. I hate that feeling. It's physically painful, draining and steals time. Needless to say, here I am with 2011 around the corner and I can honestly say Scorpions have truly been a waste for this Sagittarius.

Here's to a better 2011......*cheers* What are your Scorpio and Sagittarius stories??

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman
Not an excellent match - to say the least! The love match of a Sagittarius woman and a Scorpio man is not likely to lead to much romance, as both the individuals are very different from one another. The constant fighting and arguing will prevent the formation of a meaningful relationship. Her playfulness and his fervor do not make a good combination at all. She prefers to go out, meet new people and be the center of attention. He needs to be at his own place, in his comfortable chair, with a small group of close people. And the differences just go on.
Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man
The zodiac match of a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man does not have very good chances of success. The dissimilarities are too many and too serious. She needs security, closeness and utmost devotion. He is only able to give her simple love and romance, not necessarily with all those qualities. His recklessness will go completely against her stability. She will want a serious relationship and he will want one that is open and does not make him feel possessed. Other than lost of cooperation, there is no way to make this relationship work.

With scores ranging from 1-5, here is where we rate:
Compatibility 1
Sexual chemistry 3
Communication 1

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After Hourz said...

I agree with this one hundred percent! Water signs NEED to stay with WATER signs. I know this for a fact, being a Scorpio. Scorpios match up well sexually with other fire signs but that's about it. I think Scorpios can sense your sexuality as they're good with sniffing people out, that's probably why that's all you attract.

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