Friday, August 13, 2010

Based on a true story:What's your "hoe threshold?"

I'm sitting here having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine and we started discussing how times are hard and a few extra dollars in our pockets would be nice. Now my friend is a gorgeous woman with an amazing body. She's smart, independent and pleasant to be around. So, I posed the question. "What's your hoe threshold?" How much money could get your attention and allow you to consider selling the goodies. I'm sure your thinking my friend looked at me like I was crazy but if you know me well you're never shocked by what comes out of my mouth. Her initial response was, "It depends on who's asking." Then she mentioned it depended on the situation as well. For example, if I'm on a yacht with some pretty wealthy men and am approached, That mother fuckers going to pay! We'll start at around 1k and it'll fluctuate based on how freaky he wants to get. True story: I used to work as a club waitress for a well known strip club. One evening a mixed couple walked in and sat in my area. The woman was a very attractive sistah from Europe. She modeled over there. The guy was an older white guy that lived in one of the wealthy neighborhoods not too far from the club. He was her "boyfriend." Throughout the evening this woman, (we'll call her Monica) was very flirtatious. Towards the end of the evening she calls me over to her, puts a $100 bill in my hand and says " There's 5 more like that for me if you have sex with me. I think your breathtakingly beautiful and I want us to taste each other." I was fucking floored and flattered at the same time. This had never happened to me. The woman was no doubt a bad bitch so why the payment? She then made it very clear its just for sex and she won't ever call me when its done and doesn't want me to call her. I then asked, "What's your boyfriends part in this?" She said, Nothing but to watch and give you the money when we're done." I called a good friend of mine to get her opinion and she said go for it, be careful, keep protection and give her the address as soon as I arrived. When I arrived at this beautiful home I took a quick pull from my spliff, a deep breath, text my friend the address, stashed my protection away in my bag and walked to the door. Monica opened the door in a beige silk robe and immediately started to kiss me. She asked if I wanted anything to drink and I requested a baileys on the rocks. She wasn't up for much conversation, she stood in front of me, dropped her robe and exposed her perfectly sculpted body. We went upstairs to the bedroom and for the next few hours engaged in every type of lesbian sex imaginable! She was a hot one indeed! When she told me she couldn't cum anymore her boyfriend came over and kissed her and asked if she had one more in her. It was then that I excused myself and as I walked towards the bathroom, Monica's boyfriend said my money was on the table downstairs and I could let myself out. True to her word, I never heard from or saw Monica again. What was my hoe threshold that night?? $600...... So I ask, what's your hoe threshold?
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you should definitely send your material into erotica author Zane for her "purple panties" lesbian edition anthologies...good money

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