Monday, August 23, 2010

Nina Interview: His first time.......

One of the best parts about being a writer, is you get to meet and know different types of people, with all different views on life and are usually not afraid to be open and expressive with it.  When I did my post on bisexuality, I received alot of emails from men and women giving me there opinions on the article, as well as there opinions on the lifestyle. One young man hit me up on BBM asking if I had anymore pictures he could see. I'm not into that cyber shit, especially with strangers. So my response was,"look buddy its not that kind of party. I appreciate the love and I'm glad you enjoy my blog, but I don't get down like that." His response had me floored. He said and I quote, "I have a girlfriend right now plus I'm bisexual, so I think I have quite enough on my plate already." Holy Shit!! I just had to interview this nigga. So we chatted on BBM for a little bit and he tells me he's about to roll a joint, when he's done I could call him to talk. I felt like a customer standing outside the Apple store waiting for the new iPhone. I couldn't wait to chat with him. (we'll call him Jermaine) Jermaine is 25 years old and for the first 9 years of his life grew up in Dubai. (yes India mother fucker) His family decided to leave India in search of a better life and relocated to New York.  Jermaine said he has always been very liberal. He was never molested or exposed to sexually explicit things as a young kid. I asked him about his first experience and how it happened.  Where he was living there was a nude beach, he always wanted to go but never felt comfortable asking his boys to come with him. His intentions were to see some naked women and enjoy the sexual aura that's usually brought to those places. During one of his visits he met a lady and her boyfriend. They spoke for awhile and became acquaintances. The couple invited him over to there house for some drinks and smoke. Throughout the evening he said the topic of sex was sprinkled in there conversations. The girlfriend made mention of a threesome and asked Jermaine if he had ever  had one.  She went even further to say that she was very attracted to him and wanted to have a threesome with him and her boyfriend. Jermaine being open to most things sexually was excited with the idea and decided to try. During the first threesome things went as they usually do. Most of the attention went towards the girl. A few weeks later he met up with the couple again and they decided to have another romping session. During this session Jermaine said he noticed the positioning of the bodies were a little different. While he was eating the girls pussy he felt someones hands on his dick. Initially, he thought it was the girl but had some doubts  based on the firmness of the grip. He kept eating the girls pussy until he suddenly felt a mouth over his dick. He knew immediately that it wasn't the girl because  she was sitting on his face with her back towards his dick. I asked him what went through his mind at that moment. He said his biggest concern was wondering who would find out. Do these people associate with his people to ever have this encounter leak?  I was confused by that statement and expressed myself as such. I said to him, "Jermaine, this is the gay moment most niggas talk about with there boys that if it ever happened they would fuck a nigga up, and your only concern was who would find out?" He said. yeah it was weird at first but then he got into it and performed oral sex on the guy as well. They didn't have full blown intercourse during this session, but you know I asked right? How the fuck did THAT go down? Usually when he goes over they they smoke, drink and talk shit together before they start fucking. One of the times he was over there they started talking about anal sex. The guy asked about it and wondered if he would be open to it. Initially, Jermaine said he declined but after some more drinks he slipped into. Blew my fucking mind!!! Ever since then Jermaine has had a few experiences that involved anal and oral sex with men. He said he even had 1:1 sessions with the couple.  I wanted to know what was his attraction and what does his current girlfriend think about it.  Jermaine's bisexuality is more of an oral fixation. He thoroughly enjoys the act of cunnilingus and fellatio. His girlfriend doesn't know and he said he has no intentions on telling her. He feels like somethings are better left unsaid. While, I can understand where he is coming from, I think he should be upfront with his choices. Especially if this is a woman you see as potential for wifey. She needs to know what she is getting into so that she can make a conscious decision to stay and bear or leave. Also, he shouldn't have to pretend to be something he is not. When you get married and things start to get monotonous your going to have these desires and cheat on your wife. It is so much easier for a man to cheat with another man because the suspicion is not there and the emotions are not there.  Its easier to hide and less effort for the guy. I asked Jermaine where he sees himself relationship wise and he was torn between being with a woman or living with a couple. He doesn't have any emotional attachment to men, just women. He said he would never date a man. He sees sex as just an act and doesn't feel it differentiates between man or woman.  We ended our interview  leaving him with this thought........Are you willing to sacrifice a physical want/need for an emotional want/need?  Which one is the  need and the want, the Physical or the emotional?

 Speaking with Jermaine was extremely exciting, I can definitely see more Nina interviews in the future.

Thanks Jermaine....*wink*


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