Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poetic Justice: My Public Service Announcement....

Have you ever had a man that made you feel right.
Didn’t just say he loved you but shows it day and night.
Pays your bills on time and keeps your cash flow looking tight
Holds great conversation cause the mother fuckers brite
When it comes to the sex he has the blueprint for your body
Shit is so damn good it inspires you to be naughty
Can throw down in the kitchen and make a mean seafood platter
And if you don’t feel like cooking he says “baby it doesn’t matter”
He tells you that your sexy even though you’re feeling bloated
His mother you thank daily because a fine man she has molded.

If this describes your dude then make sure you’re never slippin
Because if I get around him out your arms I intend on rippin
All forms of communication with your man I’ll be clippin
And if you think your competition then bitch you fucking trippin….

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