Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cyber Dating: Is it just legal prostitution?

When it comes to meeting men, I have to say I'm old fashioned. This whole cyber dating thing was something I truly scorned upon and thought it was only for losers. I was in a relationship for almost 8 years, so when I became single again it was like a moment of complete disbelief. I could not believe what the fuck was going on around me. I went into shock for a moment and staying close to the things I was use to for security. This made my ex's life very difficult because they were completely trapped and didn't have the opportunity or time to get over me. As I slowly strengthened my understanding of the evolved world of dating. I decided  to let a few folks in. This was a HUGE mistake. I was so not emotionally ready for that. Needless to say, it has been trial and error since then. One of the trials were me trying online dating. I'm still deciding on the error part.It was here I realized just how bold and confident the ugly mother fuckers of the world had gotten. It was also here where I realized why so many more women are licking pussy. Was it because I was being so impatient and expected to find me a man within 2-3 weeks or is it really just this damn bad? I really want to know from my readers. Whats your opinion on "cyber dating?" Is it just a legal  way for two people to meet, have sex and a good time? Can you really find your life mate on there?

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