Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keeping it on the "Down Low"

I went out last weekend with some gay guy friends of mine to a male strip club for men. It was so much fun and the "girls" do a great job at keeping me entertained.. Two things stuck out to me during my eventful evening. First, more than 50% of the boy dancers do not date men. Rather, they only dance at gay clubs because they make much more money. Secondly, the "DL" epidemic amongst our black men. I was amazed by how many men were in there with their wedding bands on. They were in groups, which means that these mens wives may know each other. They have no idea that there husbands are out at nights slapping on other mens asses, getting champagne rooms for all things imaginable and possibly fucking each other. Are we as women aware of just how detrimental this epidemic is to us? J.L King said in his book. "On the down low," that most "DL" men do not have protected sex because this would mean, they are "partially admitting to the fact that they are aware and fully conscious of the decision being made to have sex with a man."(crazy right?) This is one of the reasons HIV and AIDS have become so prominent amongst African American women. I am curious to know if these women at home do not see the signs? Do the husbands do that good of a job in hiding their secret? Or, do the wives just do a better job at ignoring it?

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