Friday, August 20, 2010

Mixing Business with Pleasure: Is it ever worth it??

Those of us that work a 9-5 can admit to spending most of our time  with our co-workers. There are 168 hours in the week. We sleep an average of 56 hours and work approximately 40-60 hours. This interaction happens week after week, month after month, year after year. People that were at one point a pain in the ass, slowly become tolerable. The fucked up tooth "John" has that was always unbearable to look at, doesn't seem to look so bad anymore. "Amy's" flat ass doesn't bother you as much. "Paul's" high pitch laugh now seems kind of cute. It is what it is, people start to grow on you.  I dare ask, how many of you have actually crossed the line of mixing business with pleasure? I pride myself on keeping it 100 at all times. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you right? When I meet someone, I am very upfront with my intentions. I put my disclosures on the table to avoid confusion, hurt feelings or overstepping of boundaries. There is a guy I worked with that I was VERY attracted to. He was my usual, tall, dark and very handsome. I toiled for a good year on whether I should bless this little boy with some pussy. I had some concerns. Would he be able to fuck and walk away? What if he falls in love? What if he shows out at work because he can't get his own way? Some of you are thinking, "fall in love? Who does this bitch think she is?" Trust me, I say it because I live it. Niggas play and pretend that they can handle a woman that's just into an arrangement for her own personal pleasures. I'm here to tell you many of them can not. Even the married ones try to demand a receipt for the pussy. Anyway, back to my little friend. Over the year time span, we would flirt, talk shit, go out for lunch and have occasional late night conversations. I checked out his package every chance I got to ensure he had the proper tools for the job. I threw out little test questions like:"What positions with the exception of doggy style gets you in the pussy the deepest?" "What part of a womans pussy do you apply the most pressure with your tongue?" The kind of questions you can use to gauge his sexual intuitiveness. Finally, the day came. I revisited our understanding that this was just a physical thing, big mistake!!!! Should I start with what went wrong or what went worse? I should have been suspicious when he was getting aggressive with his probing questions around my whereabouts. This mutherfucker became my self proclaimed boyfriend.  He thought that just because the sex was okay he shut it down.  Whenever he saw me and approached me at work I'm getting WTF looks. One day he attempts to have an intimate moment in the damn break room, I lost it!  That night I called him and dropped it raw. "Nigga, I'm not your girl and you are not my man.  We fucked once and while it was okay it was not worth a repeat.  Don't call my fucking phone, don't speak to or approach me at work, pretend you don't fucking know me!!" What was his response? "Come on Nina you can't tell me you don't have any feelings for me?" *Deep damn sigh*

Play where I eat again?

Of course I will, I'm Nina Niagra remember.......wink!

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