Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why do we do it 2ourselves???

Its 3:25am and I'm laying here thinking about someone that has me completly confused. The funny thing is my subconcious is upset with the fact that I won't allow myself to accept the reality of the situation. Is this Karma from my days of dishing heartache to people that once cared for me? I continue to justify the fuckry I'm dealt knowing it makes no sense. What is it about him? Is it the challenge that's turning me on? I have no shortage of love or prospects in my life....If it was someone else I could advise the hell outta this situation. For now....I take a deep sigh and let time run its course....or maybe I just need to get laid.....LMAO......its been over 3 months you know. Well 3 months since I've been with man...;-)

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