Monday, August 30, 2010

Lesbian Evolution!!!????!!!

I get the whole, "I'm gay and I like girls" thing. After all, I do dabble in a little pussy myself. What I just can not seem to understand is this whole gender crisis with women trying to look like men. I'm not referring to the transgendered population. (shit that's another topic itself) I am referring to regular women with vaginas, walking around looking and acting like hood niggas. Unfortunately, I see this foolishness in the black gay community mostly. As with everything else you always have your handful of white folks that "wanna be black." There disillusioned interpretation of "being black" is adopted from the worst kind of black folks. We call  them "wiggas" (white niggas). Anyway, I went to a lesbian club a few months back and was so turned off, I left within the hour. Where were the beautiful lesbian women we see on TV? Here is what I saw. Mini Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and T-pain lookalikes running around. They were fat, obnoxious, smelled bad and looked fucking ridiculous. The "feminine" women didn't look any better. Everyone with the exception of 8 people were morbidly obese. They had tattoos of there 4 and five kids on their necks and arms. They were sloppy, had these horrid looking lace front weaves, just a fucking eye soar if you ask me. I was confused!! Whats going on? Is this what the young African American gay community have become? I had to call my best friend and interview her. She is a 29 year old lesbian woman living in the south and I just had to pick her brain on whats going on with her community. We talked for about 3 hours and it started to all make sense to me. So here is Nina's interpretation of WTF: Whats happening right before our eyes is "Lesbian Evolution." The younger generation of women and some of these old bitches have allowed men to run them to the ground. They have become used goods at a very young age. Allowing these men to abuse and destroy them. More and more we  see these young girls 21, 23 years old with multiple children. Most of there bodies not being able to bounce back from all of these pregnancies on top of poor eating habits. So here is there situation: 3-4 kids, no education, stress of life trying to support them, still dealing with the fucked up niggas, bodies deteriorating and broke all before they reach 25. Now, if your a good man looking for a woman to marry and take home to mom. Are you going to want that? Of course not! These bitches are looking raggedy as all hell, can't hold a decent conversation due to a lack of education, old in the face and walking around with these fucked up figures. A good dude is not going to waste his time on that and the baby daddies continue to use them because they know they can't do better. It becomes a vicious cycle. Men see them as an easy fuck and keep it moving. Breaking there hearts and there spirits. This invoked the genesis of "Lesbian Evolution." We'll call this character Monique. Monique is a young woman that at an early age realized she prefers being with women. It is a hard reality coming out of the closet and embracing who you are. Monique is in desperate need for companionship. Most of her friends are guys, she observes there mannerisms and the things they do to get women. Problem is she has no penis. (well at least not one pumping blood and squirting semen) Monique has a crush on "straight Stacey." Stacey is all about her dude and doing everything to make him happy. Fast forward 4 years. Stacey now has 3 kids, 2 from her "dude" and a stray one from an encounter in between fights with baby daddy #1. At the tender age of 23, she looks like she is 43. Every attempt of a relationship fails because the men have no respect for her.  They know she cant do much better so they treat her like shit. Another year and out pops another baby. During this time Monique was still around, being a good friend for Stacey. Being supportive and even giving her money when she needed. All with hopes that one day she could get a chance to be with her. Monique slowly starts to adapt her dress and swagger to the kind of guys Stacey tends to be attracted to. She remains a constant in her life, always showering her with nice things and playing the role of "gentleman." Eventually, Staceys frustrations with trying to find happiness or companionship with a man gets the best of her. Monique has been that constant in her life as well as her kids, something no man has ever done for her.  It is here Monique is able to hone in on Staceys moments of vulnerability and seal the deal. So let us recap. What was the formula for Monique getting the girl? Shower the bitch with nice shit, help take care of her kids and start looking more like the niggas she fucks with. There you have it....the evolution of Lesbians. Stacey may not be comfortable with the idea of licking some pussy. So Monique makes it as comfortable for her as possible. Wraps up her breast, makes her strap on a permanent accessory and fucks Stacey  how she wants it. Or better yet, how she's use to getting it. With time, Stacey will become more comfortable with Moniques female parts. Now all you have to do is multiple this story by thousands and there you have it. Nina's explanation and understanding of the "Lesbian Evolution."

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Anonymous said...

Good story and clarity however I would like to know how "Monique" is being pleasured? Stacey is gettin "dick" as usual but what about Monique. Is she just happy that Stacey's happy? Is she getting felted up? Ijs...Empress

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