Monday, August 9, 2010

True Story: Does he deserve a second chance?

I've know this guy about 4 1/2 years. The attraction was intense from day one. We would flirt with each other mercilessly every chance we got and talk shit about the intentions we had for one anothers body parts. This man is so fucking sexy he could literally get me wet with a smile. Tall, dark skinned, nice body, athletic, bold legged; just the way I like my men. Minor complication, he has/had a girl that he lives/lived with full time. I don't give a fuck, that's his problem not mine. Anyway, my busy work schedule, his matrimonial obligations and distance, made it difficult to ever hook up. The shit talking never stopped though and we knew when that day came it would be explosive. His package looked right every time I saw him, increasing my level of anxiousness and  providing a perfect visual for  many of my masturbatory sessions. Fast forward, the day finally comes!!! I am so excited I cant stand myself!!! He pulls up to my house, jumps out his car, walks up to me smelling and looking so damn good. He grabs my waist and pulls me real close, softly kissing on my  lips, neck, cheeks and head. Then he whispers in my ears and says, "are you ready?" Am I ready??? Mother fucker are you serious???!! I'm about to jump this mans bones in my front yard I'm so damn ready. We go in the house and start kissing some more. His lips are so soft and he's a great kisser. The foreplay begins downstairs and I am just overjoyed at how passionate and attentive he is. We do this for about  20 minutes or so until he slips his fingers behind my panties and starts to softly touch on my Lady Flower. Its about all I can take, after all they call me "NinaNiagra" for a reason. I grab him by his shirt and pull him upstairs to my room. Upon entering, he bends me over on my dresser and starts sucking on my Lady Flower from the back..........Holy Shit!!! Can I tell you his head game was off the Fucking chain. I can safely say, hands down to date, he is the second best I've ever had. At this point, I got all kind of juices sliding down my thigh, my clit is so damn swollen its looking like a midgets penis. I am ready!!! I turn around, look at him and beg for him to fuck me. I couldn't help notice though that he was back there pretty busy, whacking his dick. Which on most occasions is cool, but at this point his shit should have been so hard that when I turned around it smacked me in my face......5 minutes later nothing.....10 minutes later nothing.....15 minutes later nothing. I am livid!!! By this time I move from the dresser and go sit my ass on the bed,staring at him. Negro, are you fucking serious??!!! All these years I was waiting for this???!!! Then he has the nerve to come and lay next to me to cuddle. Bitch!!! "Dude, save that cuddling shit for your girl. This visit had a specific purpose and right now your not delivering so you need to get the fuck outta my house." He thought I was joking, so I of course had to repeat myself. "Get the fuck out." Then, he starts yapping some bullshit about how he's not use to wearing condoms because he's in a relationship and they dont use any. Ok, so what about when you didnt have it on and you were beating the hell out of your dick for 20 minutes? What a waste! 
As with most men, he's a glutten for punishment and continued to call me. Apologizing for the disapointment and promising to do better the next time. Next time? He's even offered to get lamb skin condoms thinking it will help.
A second chance?? I thinks not....What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Tell him to leave his limp dick in his pants and save it for his girl. Thats why he was nammin out the pum like that, something had to be great! Just be real with your shit, homeboy should have said "Damn Nina cant get the dick up but at least the head was good."..... LOL..funny story....Empress

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