Monday, August 16, 2010

Why do men cheat?.......Bitch it's your fault.

Yes I said it, it's your fault.

When a woman is courting a man, she puts her "best foot forward." Keeps the body right, understanding of his imperfections, sex on time, not too clingy, attentive to his needs, keeps herself clean, a pleasure to be around, allows him time with his boys, motivating, supportive, submissive (within reason) and unconditional with her love. As soon as any form of commitment is made, whether it be moving in together or marriage. Shit changes! Its like a fucking bait and switch. Why do we do this ladies? We turn into nagging, overweight, unsuppportive, demotivating bitches. We go from sex every other day to sex only on special occasions. What the hell is that all about? We are no longer the cheerleaders for our men. We stifle and dismiss there small accomplishments and efforts. We go from expecting nothing to demanding the world. We allow our friends to tell us how our relationships should be run when they cant even keep a man themselves. Or even worse, trying to fuck yours. They go from being our most prized possession to an inconvenience. Now, I fully understand that its not always going to be like a honeymoon. However, whats so wrong in trying? The question shouldn't be "why men cheat." It should be "why do women lose interest?" Our men fall in love with the full package that we present to them during that courtship period. It's with that material they make the decision to spend the rest of their lives with us. Will changes occur? Absolutely, but to what extent? These extremes that alot of us go through is just not acceptable. The key word here is accountability. Not many women are willing to admit there faults and contributors to the breakdown of the relationship. I hear women often complain, "I work, take care of the kids and keep up my house, what the hell does he expect? How can I workout and be fucking all the time plus tolerate his bullshit?" First, of all you don't get a medal for shit your suppose to do. Its your duty and should also be your pride to maintain your family. That's what you signed up for! Then you have the audacity to put on victim glasses when your man finds the bitch that will "put up with his bull shit?" Now, there is always an exception to the rule. As Foxyayanna said today in our Blackberry chat, (pin#225B080F) "men are just greedy and we let them." Definitely true in some cases. I do not condone nor am I against cheating but as a mistress once myself....I get it.
Step up your game ladies, remove your victim glasses and don't just look at your mans faults. Consider the possible faults of the entire relationship and the part you play. Rychie Rich said it best today in our chat "keep things interesting."
So, I'll say it again. Yes bitch, its your fault.

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Anonymous said...

Good topic but I must disagree as someone who takes accountability for their shit. I believe men and women want what they want. A bitch could keep all her shit together and handle her business with her man and he will still want to cheat. If he sees a "bad bitch" and wants to hit it, most of the time they will try. It’s not about what the main chick isn’t doing at home; it’s about the opportunity to fuck, plain and simple. Now there is some emotional cheating going on where people (men/women) go outside of the relationship because they are not being serviced at home, but the majority of the time it is about the opportunity.

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