Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poetic Justice: Stop the Bitchassnes......

So you said I was coming on to you, faggot ass bitch
Run and tell dat like a sissy ass snitch
I only wanted to fuck and even that you couldn't do right
So I dismissed your sorry ass and told you goodnight
Did you tell them how you was sweating me and trying to be my man
How you paid for all my shit and that I had you on demand
Always fronting like you don't eat pussy and that you'll never taste
but knowing damn well how much I sat all on that face
Should I show them your messages so they can see how much you text me
Or that the reason you wear hats is cause I said that you look sexy
To be quite honest I don't know where this shit came from
We been cool for mad long so when I heard my ass went numb

You's a bitch ass nigga and to the world you've officially shown
whats so fucking hilarious is there saying they've already known
The same shit you running from was word on the street from the start
so don't blame that on me its your "tendencies" that set you apart
I'm sitting here laughing that you said I was pushing up on you
Nigga you would be so lucky, don't forget who the fuck I am boo

I own a house in four countries my daddy has his own zip code
I'm a trust fund baby, my monthly stacks is more than your whole load
While you were taking FCATs I was out making millions
Now that I have some time on my hands its back to making billions

So the last laugh is mine
You were never worth my time
Like Mary J says nigga I'm doing "just fine"


Anonymous said...

Brap..Brap..Brap...Bitch ASS Nigga! Fire bun! Fake ass bitch. Lovin this!

mose said...

Wow that is true Bitch Assness

anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch but she always on time! Every bitch ass nigga has his day!

Anonymous said...

dat was sum bitchassness 4 real. dat bitch ass nigga need a lesson put 2 his gay ass.

100real said...

Real women would never stoop this low. To try and make the next look. You saying your stuff is way more valuable but you just said you just wanted to screw can't be worth too much!! Someone is bitter cause they caught feelings for someone that has to feel bad! You got to have much time on your hands,we got too many fairy tale writers this isn't making the cut! We got a Trina Foxy Brown we got enough bad female rappers in the industry,lol!! Whose paying you for this?? A millionaire you say you are?? Its either you are stupid or dumb you got this type of money go buy a clue cause! You on a kids level its not preserving your youth cause it shows you are aging by the minute!! You got to be pushing at least 50! You heard the fairy tale pinnochio he lied so much his nose grew for you its not your nose but that booger thing its growing!!

Anonymous said...

Its pure comedy to me when a "man" feels threatened by non descript comments. How can you assume something is about you unless it is? If you not sucking dick or taking it what the problem is? They say there's nothing like a woman scorned , but clearly there is and he's a bitch ass nigga!! Adults talk out disagreements or justmove on not run and tell mommy when they don't get their way. As the poem says people make their opinions based on what they see and if "tendencies" have been seen no one needs to read about it cuz their opinions have already been formed. So stop crying lil piggy and get over yourself cuz we already know what you are.........By the way its that real good good since ppl so interested in what they can't have. ;-)

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